Meet Jamie Roberts

These are various roles that comedian Jamie Roberts has played in the past.  Brian Taff Commercials 6abc Action news Get Your Life (Issa Rae Presents Distribution)

6 Months Married Rule #4

Follow us @Marriedandfunny #Rule #4 There are certain things you have to do to keep your spouse’s ego in check. One of them maybe roasting them, in a nice friendly way. Nothing that will come back to haunt you but something that keeps them grounded

6 Months Married Rule #3

Follow us @Marriedandfunny #Rule #3 You have to remember the little things that made you fall in love, like play fighting, or wrestling but in a joyful way. We are not talking WWE but you get the point. Do you wrestle with your spouse?

6 Months Married Rule #2

Do you have nicknames that you only share with your spouse? Maybe it’s something that has brought you two closer together. Nicky has one or two for Jamie. Let us know if you have any names for your spouse.

6 Months Married Rule #1

One of the first things we had to learn as a married couple. You better listen up to your spouse!!

Jamie Roberts | Laffaholics LIVE | Ep 402

Comedian Jamie Roberts delivers hilarious set on access-a-ride, dating, and outie bellybuttons this special Laffaholics comedy show filmed at BRIC House in Downtown Brooklyn.